ALNOWALL - Altinbolme

Een nieuw perspectief op uw kantoor

Moderne scheidingswandsystemen voor kantoor ontworpen voor maximale werkefficiëntie.

Altınbölme was founded in Bursa in 1988 and since then, has been offering services of product development for special projects, designing, production and installation. Altınbölme, with 33 years in the industry, has become one of the leading companies in terms of producing acoustic material solutions, modular office partitions, dynamic acoustic partitions and boutique wooden office furnitures, for both private and corporate projects.

Wood is an integral part of the partition wall. Taking this into consideration, Altınbölme has added a wood plant and expanded its production line.

At the same time, Altınbölme; continues to be an indispensable choice for door types, acoustic panels, office furniture and wood manufacturing.In our systems where quality is constantly improved over experience; On this road we set out with the slogan "Do Not Build Walls Among You", we carry your projects to the understanding of the future with innovative designs and fast implementation methods. Quality, functionality, imagination and competitiveness. With these concepts, Altınbölme continues to sign important projects in the Middle East with its Ankara and Tehran (Iran) headquarters in addition to the point it has reached throughout the country.