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Hotel Tortue, Hamburg, Germany

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The six-floor luxury hotel Tortue Hamburg with its red brick façade is located inside the listed building of the former Office for Urban Development (built in 1888). The idea behind “Projekt Stadthöfe” (the “City Courtyard Project”), of which this hotel is a part, is: slowing down a bit the rapid pace of our modern life.

The name Tortue (French for tortoise) is an allusion to the Napoleonic era. At the beginning of the 19th century, well-dressed dandies and Bohemians strolled through the boulevards of Paris and Hamburg, accompanied by tortoises on a leash. The tortoises set the pace and stood in those days for the pure luxury of having free time.

And the guests from all over the world will have the opportunity to celebrate this luxury in the bathrooms of this hotel: Here, they will find the leisure to sharpen their senses for essentials and details, to immerse themselves in life and to discover new perspectives. This is why the interior designer Kate Hume chose the washstands from the Kartell by Laufen Saphirkeramik collection. In Kartell by Laufen, design and technology are harmoniously balanced and simultaneously stand in a dynamic relationship with each other. This collection is ideally suited for stylish, well-balanced bathroom layouts such as those in the Hamburg Boutique Hotel and offers a surprisingly flexible and diversified look.

The washstands are presented in a particularly effective way, displayed in contrast to the matt-finished black base frame rack, which here also serves as a towel rack. The slender, transparent “Shelfish” shelves were selected for the walls and shower cubicles. Their look of lightness imbues the hard-wearing, moisture-resistant bathroom consoles in smoke grey with a very special character. They are perfectly matched by the Kartell by Laufen Max-Beam chair – also in smoke grey – which can be used as a stool both inside and outside the shower cubicle.


David Chipperfield Architects and Stephen Williams Associates

Interior Designer Kate Hume

Opening 2018

Location Hamburg, Germany

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KARTELL BY LAUFEN washbasins and accessories

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